NCoM Policy Conference 20-22 March 2004

For many years Iceland has been at the very forefront of innovation in the development of ICT?s, the digital arts and electronic music, biotechnology and the creative industries.Today through various co-operative programmes, it is also working to inspire new levels of excellence in research and innovation through new forms of international co-operation.

Through a mixture of formal and informal subject-based workshops and seminars, this Policy Conference will seek to re examine our understanding of some of the complex interface(s) which now exist between human creativity and forms of interactive technologies. Discussion will be made within the context of initiatives under the Icelandic Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2004. By bringing together related policy makers and officers from different levels of government, members of the Nordic Council, researchers in fields such as the visual arts, computing, biotechnology, the social sciences and museum curatorship into the one event, an opportunity is thus created to debate and rethink the nature of these complex interfaces in the light of 21st century development opportunities. The issue of creativity, as linked to the use and development of differing forms of interactive technology, is important as it allows for new ways of seeing, thinking, experiencing and challenging established ways of understanding. This is particularly relevant within the context of this conference in the areas of:

  • The harnessing of human capital and innovation in the dissemination of Nordic culture, science and education through creativity and technology.
  • The engagement of diversity and the forging of new opportunities for multiple community "voices" - particularly the young, through creativity and technology.
  • Communicating art - the expression of spiritual richness between differing knowledge groups through creativity and technology.
  • A new horizon in research opportunities and international cross-sector partnerships in fields such as ICT´s, the digital arts and electronic music, biotechnology and the creative industries.
  • Archiving cultural heritage. A vision for new forms of knowledge exchange and archiving in the light of creativity and technology.

Saturday 20 March
Reykjavik Museum
7.00 pm Formal dinner . Representatives from Museums / Academic institutions in Reykjavik Ticket only.
7.30 pm Formal welcome by the Ministry of Science, Education and Culture to mark the opening of the international side of the event and acknowledge the Icelandic Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers.
8.35 pm Media presentation by Reykjavik Complete
9.10 pm Guest Speaker: Dr Sarat Maharaj Professor of Visual Art and Knowledge Systems at the University of Lund . Sweden/ Research Fellow of the Wissenshaftskolleg (Institute for Advanced Study) Berlin
Subject: “Visual Art as knowledge Production”
9.40 pm Closing notices and thanks
NIFCA EVENT: Splintermind/Beoff Group Real-Time art in nonTVTV-station, No-Time art at GROTTO.TV. Artists from ?Splintermind’;, Sweden / Egill Sæbjornsson, The Islandic Love Cooperation, and Sigurdur Gudjonsson.

Sunday 21 March  Nordica Hotel 
9.00 Opening address by NCoM representatives / Ministry: The Icelandic Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers
2004 “Digital and Interactive Media”. Aims and objectives.
9.45 Notices and short introduction to the wider event:  Ian Dent . Faculty of Social & Political Sciences University of Cambridge.
10.15 Coffee
10.45 Workshops
- Dr Niels Ole Finnemann Nielsen Director for Centre for Internet Research Department of Information and Media Studies. University of Aarhus.
- Dr Torben Nielsen Professor: Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture . University of Oslo.
- Dr Helena Wulff Professor: Institute of Social Anthropology University of Stockholm.
- Halldór Gislason Dean: Department of Design and Architecture Iceland Academy of the Arts.
- Dr Alun German EU Framework Programme. Advisory Group Information Society Technologies Department of Trade and    Industry, London.
- Neville Brody Research Studios / Fuse London.
- Dr Brian Holmes Arts Research . Paris
- Ian Dent Faculty of Social & Political Sciences Cambridge.
Workshop Coordinators: Anders Pettersson . Ann-Catrin Nilsson Linda Hanna,  Nina Waltersson Pirjo Nordqvist
1.00 pm Lunch
2.30 Informal city-wide discussions - Hlemmur / Laugavegur site visit
7.00 Living Arts Museum NIFCA EVENT: Participants of the Critical Studies 03/04 organised by the Art Academy and Rooseum in Malmö. Mapping around the term “Artistic Research”. Connecting various backgrounds - theoretical, artistic and cutorial practices. Coming from Montréal, Seol, Reykjavik, Ankara, Copenhagen, Berlin and SanFrancisco.

Monday 22 March - Rannís Laugarvegur 13, Nordica Hotel and The Blue Lagoon
9.00 Workshops
- Dr Kristján Kristjánsson Head of Science Division Rannís, Reykjavik.
- Sidurður Guðmundsson Iceland NCP / EU IST Programme University of Iceland.
1.00 Lunch
2.30 Concluding Plenary Session. - Speakers:
- Representatives of NCoM / Ministry
- Dr Gísli Pálsson Professor: Faculty of Social Sciences University of Iceland.
4.00 Blue Lagoon
7.30 Buffet Dinner at Blue Lagoon and concluding session of whole event.